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28 Gru 2017

WinterCamp 2018 in TongueTamers! ❄⛄❄⛄

Winter in a city doesn’t have to be boring! ❄⛄❄⛄ Spend that time with us! 🙋‍♂🙋‍♀

Enjoy a range of activities: Arts&Crafts 📐📏✂, Experiments 🔬⚗, English lessons 🇬🇧.

Each day has a dedicated topic:
MONDAY: Exploring Antarctica
TUESDAY: Winter in Art
WEDNESDAY: Winter Fashion Show
THURSDAY: Winter delicacies
FRIDAY: The world of penguins

WHEN: JANUARY 15-19.01.2018 or/and 22-26.01.2018
AGE 6-10 years old
PRICE 299 pln per week

CONTACT: +48-789-110-808

WinterCamp 2018 in TongueTamers! ❄⛄❄⛄